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Professional Computer Repair Services

Welcome to Recona, your one-stop place for all kinds of computer repairs and diagnostics.

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Computer Repair in Your City

Computer repair, reinstallation of windows, cleaning, repair of laptops with a visit of the master.

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Who we are
and How we Work

Recona is one of the leading computer repair companies in the US providing services for individuals and businesses. No matter what kind of a PC you have, we can fix it.

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What we Offer

We provide various computer repair services and solutions for our new and regular customers. Feel free to find out more below.

The quality of work offered by Recona was excellent. I would highly recommend them. - Virginia Turner, Client

Why Choose Us

There are dozens of reasons why our clients choose Recona as their computer service provider of choice.

Reliable Services
Every service our computer technicians provide is guaranteed to be prompt & reliable.
Skilled Personal
All the experts at Recona have the skills & experience to get the job done right.
Licensed & Certified
For your safety and peace of mind, we're fully licensed, certified, and insured!
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Select Your Package

Take a look at our pricing plans and select the computer repair services that meet your needs the most.

Perfect for Simple Repair
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  • PC Repair
  • Virus Removal
Other services can be ordered at an extra rate.
Most popular
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  • Laptop Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • OS Installation
Thermal paste replacement and cleaning are available for additional $20.
All services are included
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  • Replacing Thermal Paste
  • Computer Assembly
  • Mac Repair
  • Network Support
  • Free Diagnostics

Meet our Team

All our technicians are fully qualified and licensed. Moreover, they are incredibly skillful and proficient in various aspects of computer repair.

Take Advantage
of the Benefits and Services of our Specialists

Get the best customer service and efficient repairs from our technicians. Make an inquiry today to get a flawless computer tomorrow.

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Check out the latest publications by our team.

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