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Member benefits

  • Every class is booked in advance
  • Unlimited access to all equipment
  • Top-tier fitness programs
  • Complimentary Personal Training
  • 30% off for family members
  • 15% off your first purchase at 7FIT Shop


One day
$15/per day
Whether you're visiting the club on business or are just taking your personal fitness one day at a time, we'd like to invite you to experience all that our club to offer.
Join now
$80/per month
Our monthly membership helps you to keep your fitness goals on track without a commitment of any kind, while enjoying all of the amenities that our club has to offer.
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$49/per month
With a 1-year commitment, we offer a monthly membership for only $49. When you pre-purchase a complete year individual membership you get 2/m free extension.
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