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Charia Church is a Family of Faith that is committed to Bible teaching and joyful worship for children, youth and adults of all ages.

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Our church is a perfect place for all local residents to come in with their families and join for a prayer and a newfound peace of mind.

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At our church, we help people to find their way back to God. We accomplish this by reaching people far from God.

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Our church incorporates God’s family into our fellowship. We provide a warm, authentic community, welcoming new believers into the body of Christ through baptism.

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At Charia Church, we want the love that Christ showed on the cross to flow out of our lives, impacting the community.

We come from all different backgrounds and cultures but are united in the pursuit and worship of Christ. Above all else, we want to glorify God. We strongly believe that God does His work through the local church and that it is a vital part of the Christian life. Please join us as we come together and let the Gospel transform us!

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Bringing Faith To Your Life for over 20 years

Charia Church is a caring, Christian family committed to sharing the love of Christ.

To have a better understanding about how we impact the lives of our parishioners, read these recently submitted testimonials.

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