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Creating spaces for your work and life for over 50 years


We aim to be the leading construction company in our chosen markets, sought after by potential clients and employees.


Our core values are the main principles that we adhere in order to deliver the construction projects of the highest quality.

  1. Excellence
  2. Teamwork
  3. Integrity
  4. Commitment
  5. Sustainability
  6. Accountability
  7. Attitude

Our partners

Our international partners help us deliver groundbreaking projects for our customers.

Facts and numbers

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Our executive team

CEO, founder
Head of planning department
Senior project manager

Team demographics

Feel free to learn detailed statistical data about our team on the right. We employ people from all over the world.


We also work with dozens of outsource specialists and contractors that are a part of our
partnership program. Learn more about it by browsing our website or contacting us.

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Trusted by 3217+ clients

Read the testimonials of our thankful clients below.

The entire ReTown team lives and breathes excellence in everything they do. Integrity and intelligence are built into their projects.
Jason Brown
Regular Client
Your team was there to work with us and the design team for several years. We would not have been able to achieve our goal without you.
Will McMillan
Regular Client
ReTown has built a facility for me that I’m proud of. I believe the best testimonial to give is that I would choose their team to work with.
Jane Edwards
Regular Client