Hello, I’m John Wilson.
I’m the CEO, founder & creative director of Intense.

A few words about me

As the CEO of Intense, I oversee the business and manage our projects. I also do a lot of the 'hands-on' work across all aspects of the business whenever possible. I also act as a creative director of the company. My responsibilities include managing the brand of Intense as well as leading our creative team.

When I founded Intense in 1999, I haven’t imagined what it will grow into. Today my company is not only a successful web studio & digital agency. It’s also a well-known brand known for the following core values:

  1. Creativity
  2. Quality
  3. Service
  4. Honesty
  5. Commitment
  6. Integrity
  7. Care

Bestselling Author

According to the New York Times, I’m a #1 bestselling author in the Technology & IT categories. With more than 1 million copies collectively in print, my seven books on web design & digital marketing have been translated into several languages and educated countless people worldwide. “Your Way to Design” was recognized with an Excellence in Technological Literacy Education (EITLE) Book of the Year Award from the Institute for Web Literacy (March 2019), a Gold Medal Axiom Award (March 2009), an Apex Award (June 2007), and was named Book of the Year by Small Press magazine (2007).

Author of Award-winning Creative Workshops

I always aim to share my knowledge and experience with other people, especially if they want to know more about creativity in the web design sphere. For that purpose, I designed a range of courses and workshops that can help everyone who is interested in design and development for the web. It is possible thanks to an innovative educational platform created by my team at Intense. Many of my courses have been awarded by American Educational Association.

Successful Influencer

As a successful entrepreneur, I appear on stage frequently, talking to thousands of people every year. I try to be both entertaining and informative. Such an approach helped me get attention of various IT experts, investors, and users of my company’s solutions worldwide. Besides running a successful web design studio, I also act as a public speaker, influencer, and business coach in IT industry. The active participation in this sphere got me multiple awards and worldwide recognition that I use to deliver the most creative and original web design and digital marketing solutions.

Intense is exactly what you need

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Why choose me

Here are a few reasons why companies all over the world trust me and my team’s qualifications and choose Intense.

Focused on Your Needs
You never have to worry about getting answers to your questions. My experienced approach is to ensure that you will get what you need at the right time.
Quality Design at Affordable Prices
I understand the importance of maintaining a budget and keeping a project on schedule. That’s why I only propose solutions that meet your project’s goal.

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