Set of form plugins

Add a form to any page, where you want to motivate visitors for a contact. Depending on your needs, you can use a contact, subscription or booking form type.
User-Friendly Customization
The script comes with ready-made presets, which will let you customize the form with comfort. The script also provides full customization of an email template.
CSS Stylization
Stylize practically all the form pattern attributes with ease. The script features a fully fledged CSS API built specifically for this purpose.

Cross-Browser Support

RD Mailform is compatible with all the modern-day browsers. In such a way, all visitors can use your forms regardless of their browser preferences.

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Fully responsive
Make use of responsive forms using this plugin. Whether visitors access your site via a desktop or smartphone, they can use your forms on all the devices.
Modular structure
RD Mailform and its built-in plugins can be used independently of Intense. The modular structure of this script allows you to integrate it into any other HTML templates.

Compatibility with Third-Party Scripts

RD Mailform is compatible with third-party scripts. Thanks to such a feature, you can extend its functionality the way you like.

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jQuery 1.11+ & jQuery form 3.51+
Install jQuery 1.11 and & jQuery Form 3.51+ before you set up RD Mailform. It will let the script run flawlessly on your site.
Custom js events
The script is based on a powerful system of custom JS events. With its help, you can easily track different conditions of the form.
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100% GPL

Feel free to use RD Mailform without any limits. This GPL licensed script can be installed as many times as you need.

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