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1. Trends to watch out for next year

This year may bring us a lot of surprises as standards in web design change and we experience lots of new trends. You can take these trends in and decide if they can help you. As per the newest website design trends , a heavy loaded optimized site that loads quickly is a thing of the past, we need sites that not only process quickly but can adapt as well.

Modern websites also need to have functionality, features, and versions which can solve the purpose for the user with an appealing user interface that will radiate customer conversions and engagement.

1. Progressive websites and applications

Another popular trend among web application development is Single Page Application (SPA) which can be used to maintain the durability of the website while optimizing the load time. SPA’s boosts performance by reducing website fetch time by rewriting the existing page instead of reloading. The working framework for SPA is JavaScript and it uses AJAX2. Top web design trendsand HTML5 to create fluid and responsive Web apps. Companies using SPA’s are Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The most predictable and obvious web trend for the next year is chatbot integration. Chatbot is an AI-driven program, which has increased the revenue surge of websites that have adopted the chatbots integration for their existing business websites. Chatbots have helped the businesses in increasing customer engagement that has forged business intelligence.Another appealing trend is Motion UI. It brings transition by translating reality into rich user experiences. A great example of storytelling can be implemented through Motion UI when the user can converse in reality with actions taken on the website through motion graphics.

2. Design-oriented trends

Besides the trends that will undoubtedly shape the industry next year, we have to mention design-orineted trends that may have a strong influence on global web design projects. Some trends, such as gradients, are making a comeback although this time as dynamic gradients. That means if flat design decides to take a nap, it could evaporate in 2020.

2. 1. Responsive design trends

There’s never been a more important time to focus on the leading responsive design trends, approached entirely from the perspective of the end-user. Here are some of such trends:

  • Bold colors & simplicity;
  • Dynamic illustrations;
    • Integrated GIFs;
    • Animations;
  • Asymmetric layouts.
  • Loud typography;
  • CSS grids;
    • Scalable vector graphics;
    • Hand drawings;
  • Voice-capable interfaces.
2. 2. Minimalism in web design

This trend is very often combined with white space. However, minimalism is a broader concept. It involves simplifying the interface in several ways:

  • Hidden navigation bar;
  • Minimum of colors;
    • Lack of additional details;
    • Minimum of buttons;
  • Shadows and font variety.

3. Split content & 3D design

One of the most outstanding web design trends for 2020 is the usage of 3D elements. The importance of such graphics has already been recognized in the gaming and movie industry, and web design is not lagging behind! The use of 3D design is more engaging and will enhance interest in your brand.

Websites with 3D graphics look more attractive and feels like a fairy tale. This also lets you showcase your brand’s story.
—John Wilson, CEO of Intense

Other notable web design trend is connected with splitting content blocks. With the help of such technique, you can showcase more than one important message at a time.

Many modern websites use content splitting and thanks to it, you can attract the visitors’ attention to multiple blocks at once.
—Edward Rivera

Feel free to leave your comments below to discuss these and other popular web design trends.

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