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A few words about us

Creating images worth sharing and cherishing for years to come

Founded in 2006, Intense strives to provide excellent photography at competitive prices to make your photography experience not only painless, but downright fun. We offer business portraits, family portraits, pictures of children and babies etc.

Best photography solutions

Photos that are a perfect reflection of your lifestyle

Lifestyle photography services capture the precious moments of
your life that you value instead of capturing staged photos.

Corporate photography for all your business needs

Corporate photography helps businesses of all kinds to build trust
online and individuals to connect with their audience.

Architectural & commercial photography services

Through architectural and commercial photography services, we
help express companies’ stories to fuel the brand images.


Why our clients choose us

With so many photography studio companies out there it’s hard to know who to pick and who to avoid. We want to make this decision simple for you. You’ve found the right place – here’s why.

Care & Service

We aim to deliver the best level of customer services to all our clients.

As your photographers, this is not just a job to us but our passion, vocation, and full-time livelihood. We are constantly improving our craft and dedicated to our clients, so Intense is there for you when you need us.


Intense can boast of the vast experience in photography.

We have a proven track record and over 10 years experience photographing people, products, and events. Our experience includes commercial, charity and event photography, where speed is of the essence and both volume and quality is demanded.

High Quality

At Intense, we make every effort to deliver high-quality photos.

Intense is a team of expert photographers and we’re all perfectionists. It’s the linchpin of our working practices and our whole ethos. It matters that your event photographs are sharp and clear, that your wedding dress is correctly exposed and you can see every detail in the photograph. High quality photography means everything to us.

Our portfolio

Take a look at the most recent
photos made by our photographers

At Intense, every photographer takes pride in their work. In our
portfolio, you can find featured photos made by our photographers.


My name is Mark Rogers and I’m the founder and leading photographer at Intense.

Powerful Bootstrap

I have rich experience in various genres of photography. I specialize in lifestyle, wedding, and nature photography. At Intense, I gathered a team of dedicated photography professionals.

Establishing Intense

I founded Intense 15 years ago to provide affordable yet high-quality photography services to corporate & individual clients.


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