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Ultimate Fighting Martial Arts Club

While the story of this Martial Arts school is not as tumultuous and vivid as some stories out of ancient Chinese or Japanese epos tales, still we have more than 20 years of our proud history… It was in 1996, when the founder of the club, Randy Bailey was still considering whether to go to the college for getting a law degree or pursue a career.

Luckily for the students he and his instructors have taught since, Randy decided that founding a school of his own would be the best decision. During those 20 years Randy and his colleagues have achieved a tremendous level of success, helping thousands of individuals in becoming more empowered, fit, healthy and mind-balanced!

What We Offer

  • Qualified Coaches

    Our instructors and coaches are highly experienced and provide a positive environment that makes training fun and enjoyable. All physical techniques taught are practical and sensible.

  • Good Location

    Finding the right location for a martial arts studio is a major factor in your success. It is also important to make sure the studio is located in a safe area.

  • Quality Rooms and Rings

    We offer premier-quality flooring for training facilities, along with all the products necessary for outfitting any gym or studio to its maximum potential.

  • Modern Equipment

    We are focused on a wide variety of martial arts training equipment. The use of training equipment is always supervised by an experienced martial arts instructor.

Our Team

Randy Bailey


Hugh Barrister


Susan Stone


Jack Smith


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A wide variety of hard and soft styles are taught at Martial Arts School. It's a great opportunity to deepen into your own practice and cross-train in styles that are new to you.

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Special Training offers classes for all skill levels. Whether you've trained for a day or a decade, you'll find classes that challenge and inspire you. Every session includes open classes for all levels of experience.

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